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Founder and creative force behind Floral Wonders, Eva Kamieniak's life has always been driven by her love of design. From those first drawing classes as a five year old to making clothes and furniture for her Barbies, she knew she loved the creative process. The journey that culminated in the opening of Floral Wonders includes interning at a milliner's shop, graduating from Harrington College of Interior Design in Chicago and hands-on experience in the world of interior design, photography and fashion.

Eva's floral design style is unique because of how she approaches each effort. "I look at floral design like any other kind of design; it's all about proportion and balance. It doesn't matter which medium you work with, flowers, camera or pencil and ruler, once you achieve both you can be sure whatever you create will have the right visual impact." Making people smile is what keeps her going.

I love my work because of the instant gratification it gives me when I see that I made someone smile. There's no wait, no doubts, just a wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

When she's not creating floral arrangements, this selfdescribed design addict spends her time exploring the latest design news and blogs on a neverending quest for inspiration.